Another happy IL Cold Laser Therapy referral!

Happy New Year!

Two weeks ago, a lady in Chicagoland requested a referral to an LLLT practitioner in Frankfurt, IL for her mother. For her particular condition, I referred her to Dr. Stratton who uses Super-Pulsed Class 1M laser devices.

I just received the following response from this very grateful lady via e-mail:

Dear Dr. Austin,

I just wanted to let you know we brought my mom to Dr. Stratton as you suggested. She has seen him twice now and has had a huge reduction in pain!!! Thank you so much for the referral!

God bless you and happy new year!
– Mrs. L.R.

5 thoughts on “Another happy IL Cold Laser Therapy referral!

  1. Dear L.R.,

    You’re most certainly welcome. That’s awesome news about your mom’s condition. We’re honored to have Dr. Stratton listed in our IL
    Find a Cold Laser Therapist directory.
    Cold Laser Therapy is wonderful state-of-the-art healthcare technology. What more can I say!

    Yours in health,

    Dr. Todd

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