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My name is Todd and I live in a town of 3,600 in central IL, USA.  Somehow, my personal SEO (search engine optimization) work for my chiropractic and cold laser therapy clinic has gotten me onto the first page of Google a lot lately.  For that I am thankful.

But, I remember watching the “Spiderman” motion picture.  Yes, Uncle Ben told Peter Parker that “With great power comes great responsibility!”

You weren’t kidding, Uncle Ben!  In fact, in just the past week I’ve been contacted by two women from Chicagoland IL, one from the state of Virginia, a gentleman from Indiana and a fellow from Orlando, FL.  All had stumbled upon one of my many LLLT / Cold Laser Therapy sites on the world wide web.  All were doing Google searches for LLLT only to wind up on one of MY sites.  They got educated further on my website(s) and were chomping at the bit to find a Physician near them who does what I do, so that they too could enjoy the many benefits of LLLT ASAP!  Thankfully, I was able to hook them all up with Doctors of Chiropractic who also utilize LLLT as an additional service in their health care clinics.

So I have decided to come up with the FindaColdLaserTherapist.com website, which will eventually include the whole US.  Yes, that’s 50 states last time I checked, President Obama.  http://www.FindaColdLaserTherapist.com/

So far, I’ve started on IL, IN & FL.

If you are an LLLT practitioner, get your info to me. I’ll do my best to keep up with demand & get you listed here.

Not all cold laser devices are equal.  In my clinic, I utilize 4 distinct types of LLLT devices.  They are:

* SUBTLE ENERGY devices – these are Class 1 resonating phototherapy devices that contain both unfocused lasers as well as LEDs,

* VISIBLE RED LASER devices – these include lower powered Class 3 and some higher powered Class 3B lasers,

* NEAR INFRARED LASER devices – these are Class 3B (either constant or pulsed) laser devices that can penetrate from 2 to 3 cm deep &

* SUPER-PULSED near infrared devices – these tend to be either Class 1M or Class 3B devices which can penetrate a full 5 centimeters. Some of these just make use of lasers while others add in some LEDs as well.

Those are the 4 categories of Laser PhotoTherapy devices that I use in my clinic.  As far as I’m concerned, CLASS 4 laser devices are “high powered lasers”, meaning that I don’t have room for them under my umbrella of “low level laser therapy” or “cold laser therapy” devices.

I’m an expert when it comes to my Class 1 through 3B laser devices. 241 of my most recent 250 patients (as of 12-24-11) have responded beautifully to LLLT without the need for any Class 4 laser devices. :-)

Since I own NO Class 4 laser devices, I WON’T pretend to be an expert in that field. I will say that some clinicians I’ve spoken with LOVE their Class 4 devices. If you are a Class 4 guru, please don’t get offended. Please be my guest and start your own FindaHighPoweredLaserTherapist.com or FindaClass4LaserTherapist.com online directory. Then, you and your other Class 4 friends can all be listed there.

I will say that as a practitioner YOU can get into COLD LASER THERAPY using:

* a Class 3 laser for as little as $30. No that’s NOT a typo!
* a Class 1 for as little as $1,100.
* a visible red Class 3B for as little as $750.
* a near infrared class 3B for under $2,000.
* a Super-pulsed device for as little as $2,000 as well.

For more information about how to acquire these LLLT devices from reputable Cold Laser Therapy vendors instead of getting ripped off by their higher priced competitors, I can be contacted through my http://ColdLaserConsulting.com/ website.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get into Class 4 laser therapy, prepare to spend from $14,000 to $80,000! Just do your due diligence first.

RELYING ON MOST CLASS 1, 1M, 2, 3, 3B or 4 SALESPEOPLE TO “EDUCATE” YOU on Laser PhotoTherapy can be very HAZARDOUS TO YOUR NET WORTH! Many times when it comes to Laser PhotoTherapy sales reps, one must wade through a veritable plethora of brown smelly stuff in order to eventually arrive at the facts of the matter.

Yours in LLLT,

Todd W. Austin, D.C.
Austin Family Chiropractic & Cold Laser Therapy Clinic,
Virden, IL, USA


PS. Check out my Cold Laser Therapy educational videos for both doctors, patients & potential patients at: ColdLaser.TV